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HQ-9038 Tube Dac

Thorough, Andrea, Morten Audio have successfully conquered the potential of the ES9038PRO. Hq-audiodesign has succeeded in creating a full-featured ES9038-TUBE DAC with a DAC player. This is a premium and luxurious gift for your home audio system. We would like to send you this design with the energetic and sweet sound of the Tube!

  • 1 X Music server
  • 1 x DAC ES9038 PRO
  • 1 x Tube Output Direct to Amplier

  • Balance output ans SE output
  • Z-out under 100 Ohm
  • 4 inputs: USB, Spdif coax on BNC, AES/EBU Professional on XLR, Optical Toslink.
  • Output 2 x 12AU7 and 2 x 6DJ8

HQ9038 Tube Dac 

with Your Audio System

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ES9038PRO-The best chip DAC

Bring your music to life

  • The  ES9038PRO SABRE DAC is the flagship of the ESS PRO series. It sets a new benchmark for audio excellence with the industry’s highest dynamic range (DNR) with up to 140dB, provides it the most immersive listening experience — bringing music to life.

Integrated Network MUSIC PLAYER


  • Moode-Audio is a software that turns Raspberry Pi into an Moode-Audio music player. It will make it perform as an high fidelity digital source.  

  • The user interface is intuitive to use and connects easily to a NAS server or an optional harddrive. It can even easily be updated to support 3TB -4TB hard drives. A smartphone, Ipad or computer can be used as remote control via the buildin wifi and have a music system that organises your digital music, radio stations and streaming services in a seamless music experience.

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Master Clock with Ultra Low Jitter

100MHz CCHD-575 Ultra-Low Phase Noise Oscillator

  • To obtain the lowest jitter, a 100MHZ Oscillator with ultra low jitter of less than 0.5 picoseconds is placed very close to the DAC chip.
  • Buffer of it has fast process processing for fast circuit for reference

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The Premium USB interface

  • USB is supported by a unique true asynchronous FPGA based solution from the italian company Amanero. We believe it is the sound leading USB interface and gives a perfect Audio match for the Raspberry Pi. Besides being excellent in sound, the USB interface supports future high resolution audio format in PCM up to 384 and up to DSD512
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Digital Ground Isolation - Noise Reduction

  • The Digital isolator is a complete galvanic isolation for ultimate external noise reduction. The USB ground is isolated galvanically from the DAC and the analogue circuits.
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LT3042-Ultralow Noise

Ultralow RMS Noise: 0.8µVRMS (10Hz to100kHz)

  • LT3042 is used for each part of the DAC circuit
  • LT3042 is used for all analog circuitry.   
  • LT3042 is used for USB, Clock.

The REMOTE Control

The DAC includes a gorgeous remote control is made of cast aluminum. Convenient, beautiful and easy to use. Just press the button and you have great features like: On-Off function, Volume control of the 32bit Attenuator, input select, mute function, select of PCM/DSD filter types and the frequency cutoff of the filters. All the settings can easily be memolised. The Remote is the PERFECT COMPANION FOR YOUR DAC.

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The Display shows all memorised settings. Large fonts for the volume setting are displayed so you can see the volume setting from your favorite listning position. The Chassis is a made by premium milled aluminium and with the 2 infinity control knob aluminum casting allows us to control and play music easily. The control knobs in casted aluminum makes it easy to control the DAC and play music. The simplicity and exquisite beauty is LIKE NO ONE ELSE and complete your home audio system. Enjoy the design while listning to the music.

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Real Analogue output With Tube i/v

Balanced Output & Unbalanced Output

The HQ9038-Tube DAC has an Analouge output design that surpasses all earlier designs. The DAC chips balanced output are converted to unbalanced using the HQ unique technology. That gives a great experiences and creates unbelievably stunning soundstage.

In particular, the output of the DAC has an impedance of less than 100 Ohm and 3VRMS. wich makes it ideal for connecting the ES9038PRO to the power amplifier without the need for a pre-amplifier, giving the strongest clarity in the sound. In addition, the high-voltage supply for the Tubes in the analouge output is optimized using Mosfets vith very low internal resistance and a noise level of 1 uV. The high- voltage supply are equipped with high end components and includes several non-polarized MKP capacitors that provide crystal clear sound, increased dynamic and create deep and wide sound stage.

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Music Server in HQ-9038 Tube Dac

DAC integrates a Rasberry Pi3 to be the dedicated Music Server. It Take advantage of the endless digital music sources, especially the DSD64 format are very close to the sound of the SA-CD. The time for using bundles of expensive CDs and SA-CDs is over.

This Music Server will give you choose High resolution audio files. Actually, the DAC plays all formats of digital music file.

HQ Audio has seleceted the Raspberry Pi3 for music server, as this is the Music source that plays with an immersive listening experience that HQ Audio appreciate and admired for playing music better than a most then most of computers used as Music server.

Interface and music player software

Moodaudio is software for Pi3 with many features:

1. Nice interface, easy to use.

2. Appropriate multi-DAC.

3. Connect easily, quickly, control by phone or tablet.

4. Continuous updating.

5. Best support for users.

Buy directly from Moodaudio and install it on your PI.

Also you can use other softwares such as:


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HQ9038 -Tube DAC in audio test system

Loudspeakers: ALtecLansing 19. Speaker Caps: Kimber 3035

Power amplifiers: Fisher Tube. Power Caps: Stealth V10

Preamplifier: Macintosh MA2275 Tube. CD player: Studer A727

Signal Wire: Accredited ARTS Silverlline. Power caps: Dream 12

Isolation Transformer: Isocecarn: PT3030GIV. Electrified: ISOTEK: Titan And ISOTECK: EVO3 Solus

HQ9038 - Tube DAC: 3-in-one device: 

1 x Music server 

1 x DAC-ES9038PRO

1 x Tube Output direct to Amplifier

In the previous production projects of Hq Audio such as DAC-End, DAC-End 24, DAC-End-R, Hq reference DAC, DSD-DAC2, DSD-music server ..., each product is an activity The cooperation between this brand and a team of design engineers and DIY community with experience in many countries around the world can be mentioned as: Andrea (Italy), Morten (Denmark), Salas (Greece), John Broskie Tube Cad (United States), Keantoken (USA) ... In the DAC project ES9038PRO, this product was formed by Hq Audio, Italian engineer Andrea Ciuffoli - Director of Audio Design and Danish engineer Morten Becker Saul, a frequency specialist at Cobham with more than 30 years of experience.

  • Design in Italy

  • Testing in Denmark
  • Produce: Hq-Audiodesign
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The design team behind the Hq9038-Tube DAC works on separate technical aspects of the project and are dedicated electronics engineers with more than 50 years experience as audiophiles. This ensures an open mind to audible phenomena.

The design team bring to their labors skill, pride and with an unbridled enthusiasm which takes the engineering and critical evaluation of Audio equipment to new levels, reflected in the exacting standards to which every product is designed and manufactured.

To ensure the highst standard of each Hq9038, it will before leaving the factory be verified and final tested to ensure the final voicing. This verification is ensured personally by Hq-Audio.

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Andrea Ciuffoli

Postal Director Rome Italy

Webmaster of Audio Design Guide

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Morten Becker Saul

Danish Pro-Audio design engineer

Technical Director Audio


We have worked for many years with partners and professional distributors in Vietnam and abroad

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